Mad Dog Musings 2 Dec 2022 — Reading from the Newton-County Fake-Douche about Flintville/Greater Granby Build Back (Barry) Better Boutique Bizness Burro Pt. 2

Another 38 minutes detailing the Crooked Ira / Build Back Barry Infrastructure Scams

Mad Dog Musings 2 Dec 2022 Flintville/Greater Granby Build Back (Barry) Better Boutique Bizness Burro Pt. 2 38 min +

In Part 2, Pastor Martin Lindstedt reads further from the Newton County Fake-Douche of30 Nov. 2022 covering how the thieving Granby City Council is going use State and Federal water and sewer grants to put up a series of flea markets in 20 ft cargo containers atop Mayor Crooked Ira’s Toxic Waste Dump across from Granby Shitty Hall. This when ordinary Granby Inbred Tards can’t buy an old single-wide trailer or series of cargo coontainers and put these improvements on theys’ own private property.

In short, Granby Council-Criminals simply want to use pore Granby crackheads, chomos, geezers who are extremely poverty stricken in order to get massive government grants for water and sewer projects which will not be used for that purpose but rather as graft for an expedition in building flea-markets to enrich the pockets of Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins, Barry Flint and the right worsesheepfool Council-Critters of Granby who forget that Granby needs safe and clean drinking water and non-leaking into the aquifer sewer lines 

Granby is receiving a bunch of state and federal funds supposed to be spent on infrastructure but is voting instead on spending it on Barry Flint’s sundry schemes, be it a flea-market atop Mayor Crooked Ira’s Toxic Waste Dump atop the old Lux Theater which as used before its collapse in 1984 to store barrels of cyanide and toxic waste and on rebuilding the roof and internal structure of Jamie Arnall’s old hardware store which Crooked Ira, Pfat Jackass Kelly, Senile Heifer Joyce Mann and Fattt JoAnn Lamp wanted to tear down in March and got Jamie Arnall to sign over to Barry Flint’s Granby Racketeering operation also known as the Flintville-Greater Granby Build Back (Barry) Better Boutique Bizness Burro. Barry Flint made it so that ordinary Granby citizens cannot put up a single-wide trailer or older double-wide much less the 20 foot cargo containers from which Barry will build his combined flea-market. But whenever Barry Flint wants something Crooked Ira and Crooked Ira’s council-criminal ass-lickers give it to him.

Now it is one thing to sign over a hundred-year old Boy Scout building and turn it into a thrift store as it was not used. However. taking away state and federal Covid and water funds meant for fixing the decrepit sewer and water lines which haven’t been addressed since the 1980s and applying these funds to select Granby insiders is yet another. In any case, this policy of building with boutique stores won’t work because the boutique businesses are packing up and moving to Neosho simply because Granby is dying due to Granby Council crookedness and demographic decline. The young people if any move to where they can make something of themselves, the few working people of Gen X and Millennial age prefer to buy their groceries and goods where they work in Neosho, Joplin, Carthage and Monett and to starve the corrupt Granby City of local tax funds.

Granby, because of its history as a lead and zinc mining town also has structural problems in that the lead mineshafts reach down hundreds of feet, and those mineshafts once abandoned in the late 1950s and early 1960s were used as cesspools. Also the water in east Granby stinks of sulphur from the industrial processes used to separate the lead from the crushed ore. The aquifer is only 700 ft deep and the mineshafts have contaminate the well dug in 1906. The historic water tower in east Granby was erected in 1907. So east Granby water which is the oldest section of town with a lot of mineshafts always stinks.

A sweet water well #was2 drilled in the early 1980s and has a tower on Tower Road on the western city limits of Granby. Well #3 without a tower is in Northwest Granby and stinks somewhat of sulphur.

So the Granby water supply is contaminated by both sulphur and sewage. Over 60% of the water leaks out of the decaying water pipes, joins the sewer leaks and further contaminates the water supply. The idiotic and corrupt Granby City Council knows of this, but since they can’t really do anything about it except sell the water and sewer system to Missouri American / Liberty Utilities they prefer to loot whatever “grants” are available and divert the funds to theys’ own pockets.

Usually the Newton County Fake-Douche with its editard Chadifer Sexton-Meercat #3 Heyworth(less) acts as a press secretary for first T-Rampageifer Gamble then Crooked Ira Hawkins, but he did report on the crooked diversion of funds in the 30 Nov. 2022, from which Pastor Lindstedt read — and chortled.

Pastor Martin Lindstedt read from the Newton County Fake-Douche 30 Nov. 2022 front page in both Part 1 and Part 2.

Youtube Video From Dec. 2, 2022, Part 2 38+ Minutes

Mad Dog reads another 38 minutes from the Newton County Fake-Douche about Granby Council-Criminal Crookedness

Hail Victory !!!

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