Look Outsiders: Why Granby Fails In Selecting A Safe Area

Granby is a lot more like Gomorrah than Mayberry

There are a bunch of people who over the years have asked me since I live in Granby if I recommend that they live or move here from where-ever they live now. How big is Granby? Isn’t it located on the edge of the Ozarks with appropriate values. Isn’t since the housing so degraded the only possible outcum in buying up some cheap shithole to live going to result in an improvement if you build it yourself?

And the answer is is that if you are of good intelligence and have some work ethic then of course you will do well simply because throughout the ZOGland since people are becoming stupider and lazier and more corrupt that if you got anything on the ball then you will do well anywhere. But like most of the young people in Granby who lived here in their youth the first order of business is move to Springfield or Joplin or Carthage and then upon retirement sell out and buy rural property upon the Collapse. Anything you invest in Granby other than a basic shithole living is largely wasted. There are no McMansions buildt in Granby because a $100,000 hovel elsewhere is worth only $60,000 in Granby. I myself bought Granby shitholes for a few thousand ZOGbux from the children and grandchildren who didn’t want to live in “Paw-Paw’s & Mee-Maw’s” 1920’s rough-sawn rock and tar-paper hovel and while I like hovel living that is not for today’s pussified bunch.

To live in Granby you don’t have to be smart or pretty or rich. You do have to be tough.

That said, I do recommend that if you want to live in rural Newton County cumfort, that living amongst the Mennonites in Eastern Newton County as far as possible from Neosho is the best option.

This is the best video on how to choose to live in rural areas.