Living in Granby “Barter-Town”

At the end of the last city council meeting I told Granby Police Chief Kelley that he was slipping . . . When he asked “How so?” I told him that two Granby City Council Meetings in a row and I hadn’t been threatened with arrest for ridiculing the corruption and stupidity of the Granby City Council — one of them a meat-puppet sock-possum walk-in not elected at all that they unlawfully put into my elected seat.

The purpose of the Granby Police Department is to enfarce the interests of the Granby City Council and its employees who are looting Granby. I’ve been arrested around 10 times under the T-Rampage Gamble and Ira Hawkins [Mal]Administrations and threatened with arrest hundreds of times more.  They are here to serve & protect — those who pay their salaries. Nothing more.

Pit bulls and rottweilers are known as “doper dogs.” The crackheads have these vicious animals for many good reasons to them. Three year olds getting theys’ faces ripped off & eaten and myriad dead cats are acceptable “collateral damage” for a healthy and thriving Granby City drug trade and sub-culture — so the Granby  City Council “legalized” them a few years ago under the rational that ‘since all dogs can bite we must not practice vicious animal discrimination.’

And at the last council-criminal meeting they discussed not allowing poor people to lawfully buy used trailers and putting them in mobile home parks under the 1993 Barry Flint Ordinance.  All the council-criminals & baal-priests were foaming at the mouth at the very idea of allowing poor whites with children to move into Granby.

I’ve offered to assist poor white people to file a federal civil rights lawsuit against them doing that sort of thing but nobody wants to fight to live in Granby.

So the Granby Police Department was set up to enfarce Granby self-serving municipal ordinances.