Judge’ Mad Dog Musings 15 March 2023 –$16Million in Bond Issues-Itz ALL About Coontrol

Judge “Mad Dog” on the $16 million bond issue scams

On the Granby April 4, 2023 Municipal Ballot I am running for Municipal Judge in order to finish off the Flintville-GranbyGomorrah Racketeering Piglice State.

​​​​​​​But this [s]election cycle has not only about the $11 million to give the Granby City Council-Criminals massive debt lasting forever or at least 30+ years to build 46% of a new straw to suck down sewage and sulphur water just to replace the very pipes that Mayor Crooked Ira Hawkins allowed Jim Channel to let rot especially over the past decade, but the East Newton County R-6 Skrule Board wants to coonsolidate the entire Junior High especially Tri-Way away from separate grades 7-8 campuses already present in the Granby and Triway communities to the coonsolidated Heil Skrule. In short bussing children away from Granby costing not only additional school taxes for these expanded building but additional fuel and bussing to the high school, thus removing Granby children from the current campus already paid for the past 100 years. This building of an additional grades 7-8 junior high gymnasium is for 250 students in order to benefit the latrinos who are brought in by Tyson Foods, Conagra, and Cargill and adding to theys’ profits plus having more whiggress & anglo-mestizo gordas getting impregnated and additional beaners driving without insurance. Additionally it will cum at the expense of the older Boomer whiggers, especially those who are clueless ZOGling whigger ass-clowns.

Just the sort of shit which should be proscribed, not encouraged and the Aryan Nations of Missouri is against.

So this $5 million boond issue is about Coontrol & Coonsolidation and teaching gliberal whigger cut-jewr spawn’s dick and nuts and fill in theys’ holes and cut off theyz’ tittays and other such Satanic shit as well.

So of course five-eighth vote or 57% is needed and those old feebs who were edjewmacated in Granby and understand that the second kick in the ass to finish off Granby was closing the old Granby High Skrule back in 1968 and opening the flat roofs of East Newton coonsolidating with Triway, i.e. Newtonia-Stark City, Ritchey, and someplace else. These coonsolidated skrules, in addition to costing additional millions in transportation costs in an era of no-longer cheap fossile fuel, leads to alienation from these local communities and to where the little gaywads and baby lesbos decide to castrate theysselfs but also to engage in shooting season cum the Days of May when there no longer are sufficient targets around to make it worthwhile. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang and the rest of the alienated skrule population is around trapped like white chickens. Didn’t used to hear of these shootings in the Old One-Room Skrulehouse from way back when, did you?

So vote “NO” on the $11 million for Mayor Crooked Evil Awfool Ass-Clown Ira Hawkin’s and the Granby Council-Criminal’s Drinking Sulphur & Sewage Water Bond and $5 million for Project K.I.D.S. (Keep Imbeciles Doing Shit).


Hail Victory !!!

‘Judge’ Mad Dog
Candidate for Granby Municipal kort Judge
338 RabbitTrack Road
Granby, Missouri 64844