Jim Channel shoahs up from Suck Granby Dry following too closely his sock-puppet

In addition to being a thieving genius, walnut logger, porn watcher, running “Suck Granby Dry”, trying to teach the Granby She-Mayoress book-keeping & learning from her how to lay pipe, Jimb[l]o Channel is a Great Master[Debatard] of Espionage & Mayor Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins’ Prodigal Spawn

Jim Channel:

I am so very glad that early in the morning before you show up for a hard daze thieving, watching porn, moderating Suck Granby Dry, and overseeing logging operations at the Granby ball park that you along with your sock-puppet had time to post here on Granby UnCensored.

I’m going to ask Jeromy to let me back on to Granby Thots & Views but not to post, just to collect grist for my rhetorical mill as opposed to infiltraiting with a new sock-puppet and then when getting about a dozen or so blowing one away like Greg “5G” Johnson. Putting in a Gayporium that sells rubber goods for the weekend, a used adult bookstore & a gay bath-house atop Crooked Evil Ira’s Toxic Waste Dump as part of the Flintville-Greater Granby Build Back Better Boutique Bizness Bureau (henceforth F-GGBBBBBB) is a stretch for Moan Persona.

There are some, like T-Rampage Gamble that thinks you are a 91 IQ (on a good day) thieving moron as present patriarch of the Channel Fambly. Channel is defined as being between “cancer” and “chlymidia” on the Granby City lumpen-anglo-mestizo-tariate body polytick. Closer to chlymidia most of the time but persistent like cancer. Better City Councils got rid of you but only for a while and you were back like untreated syphilis.

Actually, I think that you are a glib sub-moron as well, but with a genius for thievery who fits well with the present Granby City Council. Mayor Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins at the last City Council Meating — in which there were only nine left — said that even though the Council-Cucks wanted you to get off your ass and deliver “final notice” for shutting off City Utilities [while a rattlesnake will give ‘final notice’ a baal-priest like Crooked Ira and the r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. Assley Edgmon won’t] Crooked Ira gave the parable of the lazy son who wouldn’t get off his ass in bed and go to work on time.

Here’s Mayor Crooked Evil Ira’s Parable about the Prodigal Channel: Crooked Evil Ira has a son who will not get up and thieve from Granby. So when he finally gets up it is to watch Internet Porn and to tinket with his Facebook Channel, and to put yet another clamp joining the other dozen on the 10 ft. water or sewer pipe, to try to teach the She-Mayoress how to book-keep & for her to teach you how to lay pipe, and to log off the walnut and oak timber trees at the Granby ball park. So Crooked Evil Ira doesn’t want to trifle with the Prodigal Channel’s propensity for thieving. Thus even though there was a 3-0 vote to make you work, and two of them already got theys’ itty-bitty heads together to make you work they still cucked out like chicken waste through a tin horn.

So here’s the deal for you, Jim Channel. You get to post here on Granby UnCensored — as does anybody. And both you and Jeromy allow myself the same. Jeremy on Granby’s Thots & Views and you on Suck Granby Dry, er, Help Granby Grow.

The Dec. 2021 City Council Meating could best be described as “Chickens are cum-cumming home to roost.” They admitted that they should have patched up the sewer and water leaks before going $3.2 million into debt. You admitted to logging off the Granby ball park. By default the Granby Cemetery Board is going to have to fend for itself. And the only options for getting out of this mess is getting the Granby retarded voters living with decayed infrastructure is for them to foolishly give you Granby Council-Criminals and employees who will not work yet another $100-200 thousand in [ab]use sales taxes taking 2.6250 percent on their Internet purchases which will not help a single one of Granbys’ current merchants.

I had to laugh when Joe Guinn cumplained about your logging these walnut logs but said it had to be “through the right Channels.” Wrong Joe, say it isn’t so. In Granby the “right channels” is ALWAYS the “Wrong Channels.”

You and Jeremy lets me on your respective Facebook Channels then you will get the uncensored cut of the Granby City Council-Criminal Meatings as opposed to having to watch Muh Directard’s Cut and not have to worry about a whorde of sock-possums to boot.

What say you? I don’t mind being lied to because I expect nothing else from you.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
Current Elected South Ward City Councilman