Is Granby City Water Safe?

Or is it simply a decaying infrastructure and loaded with sulphur?

“Has anyone had allergic symptoms when you drink Granby water? Such as throat closing up and sinus congestion. — Granby Citizen

There is nothing added to the city water, and Steve Clark there is no reason for a treatment plant are water is tested every month if treatment was needed the DNR would see that it is done . — Jim Channel, alleged Director of Public Works, City of Granby

Due to the drought the city has had to use the well which has sulpher in it. The water quality has gone down considerably. That and if you don’t keep it running the iron pipes give you rust as well as calcium and sulpher. After 9 months of not using much Granby City Utilities and Roxie dead, I decided to shut them off but they wouldn’t do so when requested to in September. So I told them no more bills, did pay for 1 cubic foot of water and told them to shut me down because I wasn’t paying any more water bills. They eventually did discoonect me, gave me a $70 bill for October and then claimed that I had used 623 cubic feet when they pulled the water meter and charged me another bill of $73 for a total of $143 or so. I am back to using well water for drinking and cooking and as always use rainwater for showering, laundry and toilet flushing. Jim Channel and the Granby City Council is responsible for the decayed infrastructure because they do nothing but steal while Granby decays. — Martin Lindstedt, Rightful South Ward City Councilman

To: Martin Lindstedt “good grief! The newer well gives great water. I’ve drank sulphur water elsewhere, smells like rotten eggs! No such nasty sulphur taste nor smell in our Granby water.Goodness! Thank you Granby city administration for testing and keeping our water great! Appreciate your endeavors to keep our city up and running smoothly as possible. Thank you!” — Granby Sulphur-Deniertard

Believe what you please. Admittedly the sulper water smell was more pronounced if you are running it through a hot-water tank in order to kill bacteria, which goes to show that the sulpher is there all along. And when only Well #2 is used instead of the back-up Well #3 there isn’t as much sulpher. But in different threads the sulpher stink is why people couldn’t and wouldn’t use the Granby laundry and why Granby doesn’t have two laundries. In July and August the sulpher stink was especially bad. If you think that the Granby City Council is doing a “great job” then by all means keep on voting to keep what you got and get even more of the same. — Martin Lindstedt, Granby Sulphur-Water Non-Denialist

Jim Channel Agreed. There is neither chlorine not fluoride added to the water. The sulpher is already in the water and when there is a drought the sulpher well has to come on line and is mixed with the rest of the water from the other well. That said, reading the 2013 water report saying that over 60% of the water pumped leaks back into the ground, what is the level of wastage? Take the number of gallons pumped out of the ground and how much is metered and give us the ratio, please. Also, after 9 months of using only 1 or 0 cubic feet per month why exactly did the last final bill claim that all of a sudden I used 623 cubic feet when you finally pulled the water meter? The basement isn’t flooded. Could it be that none of you bothered to read the water meter for the past nine months? Hate to cut into your Facebook time spent over at “Help Granby Grow / Suck Granby Dry” but maybe in your visits over here you can explain yourself? Martin Lindstedt, Granby Sulphur-Water Non-Denialist