Initial Report 12 Oct. 2021 Granby City Council Meeting

Who’s the new councilmen?

Some obvious baal-priest goober that no one ever heard about before that Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins dug up named Gabe Cooper. He seemed to be obedient. I asked Jamie Arnall to boycott the meeting but she refused but she didn’t vote in favor of this Gabe Cooper. I pointed out that I had actually stood for [s]election against Assley Edgmon and Assley left so Crooked Evil Ira appointed another baal-priest Charley Brown who voted in lockstep with JoAnn Lamp and Joyce Mann, both who have died of the ZOGvirus this summer.

Regretably this goober looks pretty healthy but hopefully he took the ZOG-vaxx clot-shot.

Moving to the guests, first the Clouses want to hold a Halloween Parade and was duly given permission to do so on Saturday, oct. 30, 2021.

Then Sarah James were up for the Granby Economic Development Corporation where it was announced that Jamie Arnall signed over the old brick hardware store for which she paid $10,000 to the Granby Economic Development Corp. Barry Flint proposed that it would take $20,000 to clean up the mess inside the walls of the building, then another $180,000 to build a new truss roof and framework to tie in the roof, the four brick walls and floor. Then another $300,000 for a wooden building leaving the brick walls intact as a facade.

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