I think I — and we will get into exactly who I am later — Have Struck a Nerve


I think I — and we will get into exactly who I am later — Have Struck a Nerve.

This will be my one post for the day and it will be truncated in order to not be banned again and most of it will be on the Granby UnCensored FaceBook Group and in even greater depth as a guest poster on The Granby Missouri blog concerning whatever anyone even thinking of coming to Granby should know in advance. I do not want Jeremy Hopper to be assaulted by Pat Kelly or for Jamie Arnall to give up another of her Granby Heritage buildings for what is said here as neither is responsible for my own particular Thots & Views.

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When I start blogging later tonight — as I’m attending the Granby Cemetery Committee Meeting tonight @ 6:30pm — I will address how I seem to have struck a nerve. . . . .

Still with me? OK. Let’s Go on on This Day Which Will Live In Idiocy . . .

Pastor Martin Lindstedt is terminally banned over on Granby Thots & Views. As mentioned above Pfat Jackass Kelly assaulted the FB Blog admin Jeremy Hopper nearly two years ago over what I wrote over there about Granby civic corruption. Why should Jeremy be assaulted over mythical “free speech” as there never is and never was any such thing as the numerous lawsuits and arrests by sundry members of ZOG certainly prove? Right now Bryan Reo has over $2 million in lawsuits for me calling the crazed homosexual mongrel agent provocateur out and in turn I intend to quantrillize NorthEastern Ohio and chernobylize the North Perry Nuclear Power Plant and for the South Dakota corrupt legal system up there to be drowned out by destroying the Oahe Dam and flushing away the state capital of Pierre South Dakota. It is ALWAYS necessary to set aside the myth of liberal democracy and freedumb of speech in order to get down to what really matters: Who holds power — and since political power grows out of the barrel of a gun according to Chairman Mao who killed 49 million Chinese upon taking power in 1949 –and political power is defined as the effectiveness of the terror promised & delivered — and to what purposes those who exercise power is what really matters.

Jamie Arnall for daring to run for the North Ward of City Hall had to give up her Granby Heritage building at the insistence of Pfat Jackass Kelly even though she makes an excuse for her weakness in doing so. So over on Jeremy Hopper’s Granby Thots & Views certain Thoughts & Views cannot be spoken, certainly not a-loud and certainly not by Pastor Martin Lindstedt Head of the Aryan Nations & Super-super White Sooooopremicist.

So sundry sock-possums must be created and occasionally uncovered on Granby Thots & Views.

GRIDS-Grindr Gaywall-Grifting Greggy (5G) Johnson is a real personage who during an unfortunate Transporter Accident at an American Renaissance coonference switched places with Pastor Lindstedt for a second or two and so we understand each other although our polyticks is 180 degrees apart.

I really am interested in Granby. I intend to set up a used adult book-store and bath-house atop Mayor Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins’ Toxic Waste Dump just north of Wayne Brooks’ Tattoo Parlor and build a new concrete gaywall with stainless-steel & rubber condom-rebar instead of using the city services of Jim “Channel is midway-between-cancer-&-chlymidia-in-the-Granby-City-Body-Polytick” Channel to dig up the mud flowing into Wayne’s tattoo parlor whenever the toxic waste dump gets rained upon. For water I’ll use rainwater from the roofs and to drink, why not rosewater or other exotic flavours?

My boutique bizness — used adult bookstore & bath-house.

So, instead of the crass & censorable Pastor Martin Lindstedt explaining Granby polyticks you have the sofistickated, urbane Greggy 5G Johnson explaining the Granby Facts of Life to Inbred Jed sucking up lead along with Sister Jethrene who drinks box wine and collects cats who hails from these parts.

Such a deal !!!

Well, I’ve left quite a dump like a stray dog four hours after eating the entire road-killt possum so as Mayor Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins keeps on saying about his messes, time to MOVE ON, cum-cum, cum-cum !!!