Granby is the dumping-ground for Newton County . . .

. . . and many of you are so far gone that you will have to stay here until you die.

The purpose of the half-beard is from Matt Chapter 25 when Christ returns to “Separate the nations” and in so doing to judge them according to their works into the sheep on the right and the goats on the left. The sheep cared for their poor, weak and sick and were rewarded for their concern whereas the goats merely preyed on their own and strangers. I adopted this beard wearing on May 10, 2005 as a reproach and rebuke to the Newton County Establishment. They know what it means. The full explanation is on one of my many web pages which I encourage you not to look up because you will see material there which will put you off your feed and this Facebook page is not the place for that. In fact, the only time my material from the other blogs should appear here on Granby Thoughts & Views is when the Channel Famibly — rightfully scared that I intend to fire Jim Channel for corruption and inefficiency — drags it onto this forum to stink it up like a week-old dead carp.

In any case the reason for Granby failing to thrive and even decline is because of its City Hall, which is legendarily corrupt. The reason for the City Hall being so corrupt is because of people like you who enable this City Hall by your support. I am merely explaining is that 80% of the People of Granby got the City Hall they deserve so that the People of Granby will either have to put pressure on to clean up City Hall — and it looks like most of them are r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.t. or get used to living off their own declining infrastructure which they refuse to fix themselves. Yes, the Granby City Hall is the proximate cause of Granby dysfunction but what about the People of Granby which chooses and re-elects them and believes all their lies? Refuses to see that Newton County knows all about Granby and cannot help Granby by taking from the thriving parts to rescue Granby and that the State of Missouri has already cut 10% of the State Budget so far and cannot and will not bail out Granby. I ran on a platform of Granby fixing up Granby and got 20% of the vote. Yet 80% of you voted for Ashley Edgemon who you all knew would run off back to Florida and that the corrupt City Hall would appoint his suckcessor and risk litigation. So how can anyone separate the reason for a town’s decline and fall than its government AND its People. Granby Missouri is when white people follow the exact same trajectory as Camden New Jersey, East St. Louis, or Detroit Michigan. Granby Missouri is “Whyte Pypul’s” East St. Louis.

My criticisms are indeed intended in part to warn the unwary about moving to Granby per se unless they are able to buy houses really really cheap. But do not expect a Lindstedtian Granby City Hall to make your crappy distressed city properties within the Granby city limits to sell for enough to pay for a half-princiapl down payment move to Neosho. Granby is the dumping-ground for Newton County and many of you are so far gone that you will have to stay here until you die. So knowing that, you should have voted for the “hospice candidate” who would efficiently manage what little you have left of Granby’s social capital as well as infrastructure. All I want to do is to keep Granby patched up just enough to live down to my very low standards. All I want to do is to make the trains run on time, deny the sewer-bond debt, fix the water pipes, plug the sewer leaks and re-open the schools. (I was also running for East Newton R-6 School Board as well.) So yes, Granby (and most of its inhabitants) have a bad name — and rightly so — for the past 30 years with an abrupt decline for the last five of the [mal] administrations of the T-Rampage Gamble and Ira Hawkins. They do what they want and YOU write the checks.

What I’m saying is that we don’t have to live like this if we don’t want to. We can live according to pre-1994 Granby living standards (no Granby Police Department, a half-paid for Granby sewer system added to in 2008, and water pipes which only leak 40% at any given time) if we want to which will be good enough for our civic lifeboat.