Granby & Eastern Newton County’s On-Coming “New Normal”

(As opposed to the St. Louis Covid-19 Season One The Walking Dead hotspot which I seen yesterday)

There has been a big jump in these ZOG-virus infections (which are relatively benign) here in Newton County. Since you are going to get it anyway — and you likely will unless you become a hermit — it would be best to get it when you are in good health and the sun shines during the late spring. That way you might have some immunity before a new & improved ZOG-virus is unleashed, like the current one in September just in time for the [s]election. Think of the electorial process as Granby writ large on a National scale where they run someone that the Deep State people know won’t be around like Ashley Edgemon so that they can appoint one of theys meat-puppet meercats or simply leave the South Ward open or to run #SenileJoe Biden so that he can croak and we get CrookedHillary or some affirmative action pick female who will further finish off a bankrupt and corrupt regime. There isn’t much difference between how Granby and the District of Corruption is run. Both bankrupt and wanting to pile on the debt which cannot be paid back ever over a declining population as the infrastructure decays then collapses.

I took Roxie Fausnaught up to St. Louis yesterday to see her cancer doctor and he decided to simply keep her rather than have her make the 300 mile trip again. But this was an inner-city major hospital and majority black and unlike here in Newton County EVERYONE was wearing a paper mask and having to get their temperature checked and answer where they been and who they seen in the past two weeks. St Louis has over 600 of the 900 deaths of Missouri. I was told that I wouldn’t be allowed to visit Roxie so I left her there for her treatment. In normal times there would be all manner of delay. Now they want to simply collect the VA payments from Roxie at the highest possible government expense. With this virus the incompetence and stupidity of the entire System seems to be working to my advantage for once.

So to me I’m thankful for the beloved Certificate of Vaccination – 2019 (Covid-19) ZOG-virus and hope to get it just in time while Roxie is in the hospital to help beat back the soon-to-come new&improved ZOG-virus 2020. I asked a homeless man for directions in downtown St. Louis and they all got it and are running around begging for money out in the sunshine as opposed to getting it over at Wally World like everyone else here in Newton County.

Where Newton County is getting the delayed ZOG-virus 2019 model is at the Walmarts and big box stores — where we all go to shop. Now in St. Louis everywhere the normal population isn’t wearing masks. The streets and businesses in downtown St. Louis, especially in the Bosnian ethnic section were a lot less busy than normal — the homeless were not wearing masks. But around the major hospital it looked like Season One of The Walking Dead — everyone in masks and majority non-white. Which makes sense because the very first episodes involved a deadly plague which kills 90% of the population and turns them into zombies in Atlanta. The St. Louis demographic isn’t much, if any, different.

So for those of us desperately wanting to get back to “normal” there is none such. All the ZOG-virus-19 did was to allow the she-mayoress and City Council to fort up in City Hall and to hoover up what little ZOGbux was left in the petty cash drawer. They certainly showed us all that it doesn’t matter what the 1000 voters in the South Ward (as opposed to the 400 voters in the North Ward) might want insofar as fixing the infrastructure is concerned — they will deliberately force someone who knew that he wouldn’t be around to take the office to run against the known “white supremacist” who ran solely on the “fixing up Granby ourselves” platform, not any other issues although to partisans of those who need termination from City employment on the grounds of incompetence & thievery would lie differently. You voted for imcreased taxes building up buildings for public day-care/education and yet, want to keep these glorified day-care centers closed because your particular offspring might catch a ZOG-virus which so far amongst our particular demographic (which for some reason I think is “superior” but then again I have my own peculiar beliefs) has largely killed only the very old and sick who in normal times would be dead within a year of something or another anyways.

I was running for school board as well. My recommendation would have been to close the schools for spring vacation to get the oldsters and dying anyways under quarantine and then after the week was over to keep the schools open. I would have voted to allow those who wanted to keep their children home to do so, to enable home schooling, but to let the vast majority of children to have something to do be spent in acquiring what passes for education in these parts. But I would not add further building to creating expensive buildings and facilities to prop up a failed system which will remain vacant once a second wave of 2020 ZOG-viruses returns. I came in dead last as usual, but at least for East Newton the situation isn’t as dire and there were plenty of other mediocre candidates promising the usual panaceas.

In Granby it was only some foreign woman without any agenda other than wanting power over others and her name and face on TV for running a “town improvement committee” who ran unopposed for the North Ward. The South Ward had the City Council’s Manchurian Meercat who had no intention of facing the consequences of his votes or staying in Granby to help pay the increased taxes and utility fees he brought about (which he never paid anyways but his Church did) versus the “white supremacist” who wanted to repair his town at a cost we could afford. The Granby City Hall culture is so toxic that I could not find reform candidates this year so I filed six days before the end of filing season on 15 January and at the 11th last minute Ashley Edgemon filed at 4:49 pm on 22 January 2020. The plan was to have Ashley Edgemon win and then have the Granby City Council replace him with someone they could appoint. Right now the South Ward City Council seat is vacant because they can’t find a suitable meat-puppet wanting to have a part in federal civil litigation. So much for “representative democracy”. Granby Missouri has rather proven that it is no longer able to govern itself. If we simply cannot fix up our own infrastructure ourselves but rather as having home rule all we can do is to enrich connected contractors at tremendous expense going forward, far better that Granby be dis-incorporated, that the municipal corporation charter be revoked and that those functions devolve to Newton County, which while corrupt itself, has fewer of the personal animosities rife in Granby and that we as former citizens of a failed town have the lowest taxes and utility bills possible.

What I see is myself filing some paperwork to Jefferson City or before the federal district court, some more rats leaving the sinking U.S.S. Granby Tit-antic, and an eventual failed city no longer able to keep up appearances.

As a community we will have to fix or repair our common infrastructure ourselves but where that fails then the default position will be every man for hisself. What we dare not do is to lay in taxation treasures from our own pockets where rust and moth and City Hall thievery doth corrupt.