Give Until You Croak — Mayor Hawkins wants you to forcibly contribute to the Newton County Sheriff’s 1/2 Cent Sales Tax

Mayor Ira Hawkins of Granby — having wasted all the 1/4 cent sales tax allotted for the police on the Styron eyesore scam — begs the People of Granby to vote away half of one percent of what they have left on a 1/2 cent “Sheriff’s Sales Tax” so that the Newton County Sheriff’s Department can do Granby Police Department business within Granby as well.

Times are going to get tough and you will need every cent — and every half-cent — that you have left to feed yourself and your family. The main reason I dropped my Missouri Sunshine Act Enforcement Action against the City of Granby is that I realized that if they were spending every single cent of the money upon buying the Styron Eyesore then they wouldn’t have any money to spend on anything else.

You have to realize is that last year when the Missouri Attorney General’s office came down hard against the Diamond Speed Trap scam is that Granby no longer could rack up revenue through writing up tickets over 20%. So since then the main bleeder in the general revenue fund has been for the Granby Police Department which has no real objective it seems other than to arrest me for making fun of City Hall. That and in enfarcing municipal ordinances which the county sheriff refuses to do as beneath his jurisdiction. So part of what they want is to get around having to pay dispatch fees to Newton County. This need will disappear when given no choice the Granby Police Department — a cesspool of villany and corruption since established in 1994 — is disbanded and its work reverts back to the Newton County Sheriff’s Department.

The Granby Municipal ca$h-register Court has been closed since March. Since the second wave of the Covid-19 virus will appear in September, the Granby Police Department isn’t writing as many tickets. So we don’t need them. All serious misdeameanor and felony crimes are outside the jurisdiction of any Granby Police Department or Granby Municipal Court anyways. Given the spread of Covid-19 is the reason that all the thieving crackheads even caught on video stealing over $1000 have not been arrested and jailed, much less tried. They are not going to be tried for their minor crimes any time soon. In the major cities you no longer can get the police to make a call. They are busily fighting the looters and running for theys’ lifes and having their piglice stations burnt to the ground or so it shows on the TV. It already takes at least a half-hour for them to show up now. What do you think will happen as the pandemic progresses? So folks, you are on your own.

When they pro-offered this “Sheriff’s Sales 1/2 Cent Sales Tax” scheme this man-made Covid-19 ZOG-virus was coonfined to China and Iran where it was deployed. Since then it has allegedly killed over 100,000 and tanked the economy and wrecked the tax base. Ira Hawkins and the rest of the City Council spent every single penny of your tax dollars on the Styron Eyesore and $26,000 for Taylor-Green to do the book-keeping because City Clerk Lawna Price can’t and won’t do book-keeping (or billing) and Jim Channel won’t fix water pipes or fix sewer leaks. Jim Channel will dig your loved-ones graves for $600 amd pocket $400 of it working on City time for a $40,000 salary, though. Granby’s current financial situation will lead to the firring of city employees. As a Candidate for South Ward City Council I favor keeping the ones who will work and ditching the ones like Lawna Price and Jim Channel who will not only not work but who are costing Granby serious money.

The only way for the financial bleeding to stop is for the People of Granby to vote “NO” on any and all taxes to where the Granby City Hall will have no choice but to spend more wisely on what lessened tax feedings they have left.

I’d like to thank Jeremy Hopper for approving my post of Mayor Ira Hawkins begging the People of Granby to open their wrists and give another infusion of their depleted financial blood in the form of an unnecessary sales tax for the Newton County Sheriff to give Granby City Hall another cut of the winnings so they won’t have to tighten theys’ belts.

Pastor Martin Lindstedt, CJCC/AN
Candidate for South Ward City Councilman of Granby Missouri