Full UnCensored Video of Granby City Council Meeting 14 Sept. 2021


This is the full video of one hour 34 minutes of the Granby City Council Meeting of 14 Sept. 2021 complete and uncut without subtitles.

The quality is low because the uploader doesn’t have broadband only a cell phone hotspot. This is the only video recording made of this other than the 4k 3% audio dynamic range recording made by the $4,956 Flint Enterprises kickback scheme purchased by Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins years ago when a $30 Logitech webcam or $100 Sony digicam could be used for streaming video on Facebook. This video was taken on a $65 Sony digicam on $10 tripod.

The corrupt and witless Granby City Council of Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins and Pfat Kelly and Baal Shittrell don’t want any of the Citizens of Granby to know how much they are being cheated and oppressed, otherwise they too could make their own recording available but they won’t because they don’t want you to know how badly they have mismanaged and stole from Granby.

So see for yourself what happened at the Granby City Council Meeting of 14 Sept. 2021 free of commentary.

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
Elected South Ward City Councilman not allowed to take his seat

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