For those that haven’t dealt with Martin personally you have no idea how hateful and evil he is.

He is really really mean to whores wanting to tear down his chickenhouse.

Sherry Lamp/Duncan/Whatever:

I loved the story about the jackass. Honestly, Martin pushes buttons and I’m glad someone said something to him. For those that haven’t dealt with Martin personally you have no idea how hateful and evil he is. I agree council members shouldn’t act childish but come on. Its Granby.


It is not as if I went to see this ten-times married whore who is the favorite niece of the late un-lamented JoAnn Lamp show her tits, ass and pussy before the paying multitudes at “Dimples” in Carthage or other strip joints.

I never showed Roxie’s brother’s girl anything but consideration and politeness. In May of 1989 when I took a month off from truck driving Sherry Lamp asked to come along with myself, Roxie and Amalie, Roxie’s daughter to South Dakota on vacation and would be taking her own money so she wouldn’t be a burden. After clearing it with her parents she went with us for a couple of weeks and was not a problem.

But in 2005 she and her third or fourth husband Joe the jew Treschek decided to buy the two acres across the street other than the decaying old house from my brother Pighook the Mother-Killer and there was a splendid root cellar with a rock basement and a 6-inch concrete slab and a rickety chicken house atop it that I used to hold chickens and quail. This chickenhouse was there before she was born and she know when she bought it along with her third or fourth husband that it was on the property line. So she decided to cut down the underbrush and destroy my chickenhouse.

When I got wind of it I told her that if she tore down the chicken-house me and Roxie wouldn’t let her put in the double-wide regardless of what JoAnn Lamp who used to be Granby City Clerk said. We would veto the placement and then she couldn’t put the doublewide in.

She yowled like a coyote and tore down my chickenhouse and had me arrested as they put the double-wide anyways.

Below are links to the events of March and April 2005.

This nasty whore who is politically coonected to Granby City Hall is all mad because I posted up on my web page at the time her and Granby mayorial and council-criminal and piglice miscoonduct. I didn’t pay to see her tits and twat at strip joints. I wasn’t one of her ex-husbands. I merely said that she needed to leave my chicken-house alone if she wanted to put in a double-wide. She put up the double-wide and had me jailed for protesting it. Granby is simply a shithole wherein the Granby City Council-Criminals do as they please under color of [f]law and thus this shithole should be unable to do anything as a municipality with police and a municipal court. The water, sewer and gas should be sold to private corporation utilities and anyone wanting to be de-annexed should be able to do so.

No one of any intelligence having capital should invest in new construction in Granby because you will be cheated and your capital will be wasted by Granby thieves at the City Council level as well at the crackhead level.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

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