Figures Don’t Lie But When Liars Figure

Jim Channel — Granby Pub[l]ic Works Directard — takes a few hours off from the Internuts to tell us how hard life is in Springfield Missouri

So Jim Channel, Directard of Granby Pub[l]ic Works posted this on GT&V at 2:30 pm as part of a “[non]-work break” from his “unoafishul” salaried job of $40,000 salary, the $30,000 or so digging graves on city time (getting $400 per grave while the Granby Memorial Cemetery only gets $100 while there is a property tax assessed against Granby residents) and whatever Channel can scam from kickbacks from contractors to tell us that the City of Springfield provides electricity to its utility customers.

Thus while a retired couple pays a base price of $25 for sewer and water, a family of four using all that — ELECTRICITY, water, sewer plus natural gas — pays an average of $187 per month which will rise to $225 next year. Well, back when me and Roxie used city utilities — an average of 1 cubic feet of water per month which becum 623 cubic feet within a week when I finally got Channel to disconnect — the price was just less than $70. The electric bill averaged $120 per month.

But the Granby average is around $100 for water, sewer and trash and $17.50 gas meter fee so that the Granby police station can be paid for to the Styron’s before 2032. Gotta love how this graft genius is able to compare the total cost of living in Springfield — including ELECTRICITY — to the decaying standards of Granby where there are no jobs.

I think we all should thank Jim Channel for taking a break from his Granby job of posting on Facebook & watching internet porn from his office at the Kenneth Channel Memorial TIF-funded $190,000 Pole Barn to tell us all that in addition to Springfield taking the best and brightest of our young people pursuing economic opportunity that they can get low-priced electricity as part of Springfield utilities. I don’t know what the Springfield Public Works Director is doing right now — I’m not on Springfield’s Thots & Views — but I’m sure that he is doing what Jim Channel isn’t, like taking care of his cities’ public works.