Fatkike Does Granby



In case some of you don’t know, I’m staying with Martin in Granby. I decided to have a vacation after being poisoned out of my apartment by my GenX whigger landlord. That’s ZOG for you, just a bunch of idiot whiggers chasing shekels, on the backs of fellow whiggers.

I think he sprayed the apartment below me with pesticides, and then a few months later, he rehabbed the place. Whatever that stuff was, it traveled into my apartment and messed me up. I got so disoriented and coonfused, I got in my car and drove to Granby, MO for some reason. Anyway, I felt like I was dying, so I bolted as soon as it was obvious that something was seriously wrong. I think I have a lawsuit. I’ll have to coonsult with my cuntry lawyer, Martin Lindstedt. A highly credentialed individual.

BTW, I can verify 100% that Martin is some kind of Viking. There’s no jew in him whatsoever. I saw him in his underwear and he’s built like a Viking ox. I didn’t look down, so I don’t anything about that stuff, but his upper body is yuge. He has broad shoulders, which you wouldn’t expect when you see him in a shirt. Don’t ask me how I saw him naked. I wanted some coffee in the morning and he just came out of his room in his tighty whiteys. No fucking robe, no sweats, no pajamas. What was I going to do? I needed a cup of joe.

So, I haven’t had a lot of time to look into the latest movement crapola to document it. This vacation may turn into a staycation. Granby and Neosho are total shitholes, perfect for someone like me. The people are super nice here. It’s almost like the South. WTF is going on in Pissinois that whiggers act like such mother…? I’m trying to turn a new leaf and be a nicer person. I think Yahweh may be punishing me for my vitriol spewed at all the inferiors in my path….or maybe it’s the DEVIL oppressing me because I’m a prophet of the Most High? These spiritual issues are hard to sort out sometimes.

The left side of my body is still kind of numb, and I have problems walking sometimes. My breathing is still a little fucked up. I hope I recover. I was breathing in some shit for 6 months. I’m not the same loving, happy guy I was before. So, this is a status update. I’ll try to start looking into movement stuff and write some posts. Martin doesn’t seem into doing really long shows for some reason. We still have to work out the audio issues.

Last night, a mouse ran across the table while I was doing the show. And the cockaroaches are everywhere in the cumpter room. Martin needs to clean that room. I literally can’t count the number of cumputers Martin has, and they’re ALL squeaky clean, LMAO, WTF? He has a minimum of ten cumputers. Martin has strange priorities.

Posted on 03/25/2019 by Fat Kike