Censored Again @ Granby Thots & Views

The butt-chewing is so much better when the Granby City Council-Criminals is lying . . .

Nothing new here because when you tell the truth about how Granby has fallen and it cannot get up the very same people who made Granby into the shithole of a decaying town now without hope given that it now is in debt, is being financially ravaged by the Granby City Council and the water system not only has sulphur in it but sewage from its contaminated 1200 ft aquifer and there is no housing available given a Senile Joe Prez-o-dint Executive Order forbidding evictions for not paying the rent, and the shuffling of Council-Criminals to keep the decline operative, my harping on what ails Granby was deemed “bad for business”. This time I was actually banned instead of muted.

So what to do, what to do?

I know !!! How about nothing?

For the very first time in 25 years this year I didn’t run for anything because now only a fool thinks that [s]elections are anything other than fraudulent.

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