By Appointment by Mayer Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins, Pfat “Jackass” Kelly, & Baal Shittrell Granby Hath a New South Ward Shitty Council-Criminal

Give a Good Laurel & Hardy Wel-cum-cum, cum-cum To Gabe Goober-Gomer Cattrell who hath replaced Joann Skank-Lamp who Croaked of the ZOG-Coof & Went to Hell

Mayor Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins found after some effort someone none too smart or honest to insert into the Granby South Ward City Council position left open by the death from Covid-19 of Joann Lamp. another one of the Granby City council-criminals who by their thievery and selective laws selectively enforced against the poor and their enemies can be relied upon by Mayor Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins, South Ward City Council-Criminal Pfat “Jackass” Kelly and North Ward Council-Criminal Baal Shittrell / Bill Kittrell who was likewise a “walk-in” appointed by Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins, a thieving baal-priest.

These “walk-ins” are appointed so they have the benefir of incumbentcy when they do run. This started in June 2020 when they got Ashley Edgmon who intended to r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. back to Florida and thus escape the $3.2 million debt to pay Allieger-Martin for an unnecessary storm-water sewer system but was pressured by Crooked Ira and the rest of the Granby city Council-Criminals to file for South Ward City Councilman against myself, have the 80% of the local inbreds vote for him and even though Pastor Lindstedt got 20% of the vote to ignore the vote and to appoint one of Crooked Evil Ira’s fellow baal-priest instead. Crooked Ira kept on appointing these fellow council-criminals regardless of the fact that Pastor Lindstedt by coming in second actually “won” the 2020 [s]election.

So this is how corrupt and pointless the [s]elections are — especially in Granby. By ignoring the [s]election results and appointing theys’ choice of fellow thieves and criminals they can maintain power indefinitely and hollow out Granby until nothing is left but a decadent and criminal witless population to form a sort of dumping ground for the offal of Southwestern Missouri as the younger generation and those who have choices move to Neosho, Joplin, Carthage or Springfield.

The imbecile chosen in secret by Crooked Evil Ira Hawkins was someone known as Gabe Cattrell. The one sole honest council-critter Jamie Arnall was sworn to secrecy and this video shows the corrupt process, done within three minutes.

This video contains satircal sub-titles for the understanding of outsiders to Granby. Most of the degenerate Granby population doesn’t like this video showing outsiders how inept and corrupt they are to allow theys’ own Granby City Council and municipal government to oppress them and thieve from them because outsiders will hold them justifiably in coontempt. Those who run boutique businesses like Sarah James do not like Pastor Lindstedt explaining how corrupt creatures like Barry Flint — who is responsible for the destruction and decay of Granby by as Mayor forbidding starter families from putting up cheap used single-wide trailer homes because he wanted them to be unable to put mobile homes on their own lots for less than $3000 so that Barry could open up a mobile home park and charge $300 rent per month. Then Barry Flint because he couldn’t get the elected town marshall Dewey Beaver to enforce his laws proceeded to establish the most corrupt Granby Police Department which is a byword for rape, assault and corruption. Letting the Truth cum out is bad for business.

The rest of the entire video sans subtitles shall be released later.

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