Appointing a T-Rampage Gamble is an almighty stupid bet.

Or rather it is no bet at all but rather a guarantee of a looted TIF Trust Fund and further decay and decline.

The South Ward with a 1,000 voters as opposed to the North Ward with only 400 voters has always paid the majority of the bills and got none of the rewards from the taxation. (Hwy 60 is the dividing line.) The South Ward has gotten taxation with [mis]representation. However, the TIF fund was indeed set up for the purpose of taxing ourselves so that Granby business could flourish — which it hasn’t. Much of the TIF funding after it bought the Styrons a $250,000 metal building was used to tear down Granby Heritage Buildings like the Chester Clinic and then used as a sort of slush fund and graft accrual for things like the $17,000 sign.

And then having bought a new metal building for $250,000 for the Styrons, they then proceeded to sell their old eyesore of a building plus nine acres of EPA wasteland to the City of Granby for a “new” Granby Police [State] Building for $253,000. Using a campaign of deceit and lies the City Council-Criminals — with T-Rampage at its corrupt lying head — promised a “new” Granby Police Station instead of fixing the old one or buying the building next to City Hall for $30,000 — in return for a new “police tax” of one-fourth cent sales tax bringing in $12,000 per year. Then came the “bait and switch” in which I was arrested protesting this corruption on 23 January 2018 under Granby Municipal Ordinance #815 — making fun of the Mayor and City Council-Criminals.

On March 10, 2020 the Granby City Council-Criminals voted by “Resolution” to purchase the Styron Eyesore for $177,000 and have the Granby gas buyers with their $17.50 meters per month pay for it instead of the Styrons having to wait until 2032 to get their pelf-money. The old and poor and sick and weak you will have amongst you always — certainly in Granby — but the Styrons might want to r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. back to Oklahoma. The goal of every Granby City Council-Criminal must be to thieve as much as possible so that they no longer have to live in Granby or even Newton County.

This has been the work of the past half-decade or more of the Granby City Hall. Granby has been known as a notoriously corrupt town in terminal decline and decay. But until T-Rampage Gamble becum Mayor he gradually reduced and then eliminated all debate and used his corrupt Police Department to arrest under color of Municipal Ordinance #815 any debate and dissent by using his power as presiding officer of the Council to refuse to recognize any speaker — especially from myself — and then to arrest myself for speaking. Joseph Stalin and Saddam Hussein were far more honest than T-Rampage Gamble and the rest of the City Council-Criminals in their respect for the First Amendment.

About 20 years ago I was given about 20 Dominicker chicks sexed out to raise. All roosters except for one pullet. About seven of them got their buttholes pecked out by the remaining 13. The chief ass-pecker grew up to become a handsome bird who would bully the rest, up until he lost an eye. Then the chicken became skittish and fretful and lost weight because any of the rest could come up on his blind side and attack. He lost weight and so I ate him first.

T-Rampage Gamble reminds me of that chicken bully chicken. He ran wild, tells the other Council-Criminals to grow a pair. But during the 2 hour 35 minute “trial” for me violating Municiple Ordinance #815 with the absolute power-mad Judge Charles Curless threatening to find me guilty anyways and hold me in coontempt — guilty as charged as always before a ZOG kort — and I got found guilty on both counts after a farce of a trial in which I grilled T-Rampage, Crooked Ira and Fat Lawna and in which Bill-the-Butt-Licker Barrett, Baal-Priest Assley Edgemamzer, and Senile-Heifer Joyce Mann refused to show up. I was sentenced to six months apiece in jail and a $500 fine for both counts. The very next day I filed for a trial de novo in which that trial before a regime kort of no record couldn’t be used before a real jury. The cases languish today.

T-Rampage was all red-eyed at the two-hour 35-minute trial. That is because T-Rampage Gamble is merely a thieving cowardly drunken bully. Somehow T-Rampage decided to not hold very many City Council Meatings or run for re-selection and to let Crooked Ira take over back in late 2018 and early 2019. A full month and a half later T-Rampage decided to resign as I listened to all the fools claim that T-Rampage accomplished anything other than centralizing all the power within his own thieving paws, putting his own critters on the Trust Fund Cemetery and TIF Boreds, destroying the independence of the formerly elected City Collector’s position and putting in out-of-city employees who have no real stake in Granby taxpayer dollars.

I used to think that Craig Hopper was the absolutely worst Mayor of Granby. I told Richard Eustler that I thought that he was foolish and inept, but the Eustler Administration just before T-Rampage’s [Mal]Administration was a “Golden [M]A[n]ge” of Granby polyticks. Richard told me that T-Rampage stabbed him in the back whenever possible.

I’d say that the Crooked Ira Hawkins is the second-worst Granby administration, so he appointed T-Rampage Gamble to replace “Lawna’s Lustfool Meercat” David Price who sooned moved his feed store business last year to Neosho where nobody knew him. At last month’s TIF meeting David Price begged to remain and the rest of the TIF Bored idiots except for Pat Kelley didn’t object. Jaimie Arnall knew everything but there is no provision for a corrupt City Council to let her on the TIF Bored. Instead cowardly drunken mean thieving T-Rampage Gamble is to be put in as TIF Bored Chair-Criminal to dispose of the last of the $300,000 left.

In the Age of Collapse where there are better-functioning local governments which will have to make the budgetary cuts there is no point to investing in poor decayed corrupt Granby. I run my Granby properties which I bought cheap from the children and grandchildren of the oldsters who definitely didn’t want to live in Granby like I’m back at the farm. I can afford the utility bill even though Roxie is gone far better than most. But as Granby decays further and the trust funds are looted then there will be no need to live in Granby by the young and productive. Rather Granby will grow even more of a dumping ground for the crackheads and child molesters of Newton County as the infrastructure decays past the point of fixing it up.

Appointing a known sub-par element like T-Rampage Gamble is a bad bet. Or rather it is no bet at all but rather a guarantee of a looted TIF Trust Fund and further decay and decline.