Another missive to Wedgie Tard’s DeNutted Sprog. . . . & Wherein I explain my criminal history.

Hey kid. I thought that you were Wedgie Tard’s fifth husband or Sixth Major Meercat but you turn out to be her spawn. Huh. Did you know that when times are rough a mother squirrel will bite off the testicles of the second and later male pups? You really need to be smarter than pore J.R. Fullerton, Donna Fullerton’s son. Your mother — as I’ve explained before is no Donna Fullerton. She’s mean and vicious but doesn’t have any executive or legislative ability. All she wants to do for Granby is to make up a bunch of ordinances that she’ll not obey when incoonvenient.

I’ve posted that the Newton County Republican Party and Sheriff’s Department and Division of Family Services decided to do what to me that they do all the time for the past 50 years to pore white welfare sluts or just the poor white women. They steal their children and sell them to rich Republicans or to rich Democrats and perverts. Nary a kid in foster care doesn’t end up messed up somehow. Now I got them back the first time they were taken. Beat the odds. When the Division of Family Services takes children statewide you only have a 26% chance of getting them back. In Newton, McDonald and Jasper counties the rate goes down to 11%. The second time they decided to charge me with statutory sodomy for allegedly kissing my grandson’s penis and buttocks sometime in the past. Since I refused to allow a pub[l]ic pretender to misrepresent me I was sent to the Fulton State NutHouse for 31 months until I managed to get off of forced doping and pretended to hire a lawyer and my retarded grandson who was homosexually sodomized and doped up in foster care refused to lie about me and the charges were nolle prossed. I had five of my teeth knocked out taking me up to the NutHouse by the Newton County Sheriff’s Department. All of this is on my web page.

Now I’m a rather vengeful man and this is neither the place nor time to cover this on this forum.

Suffice it to say that today I filed a Withdrawal of my Withdrawal and am going to be a Candidate for South Ward City Council. Suffice it to say that the Council-Criminals think that they will do whatever they want. I think that events will overtake them soon. It is unwise to run a corrupt election process against a warlord.

I have been convicted of “Coontempt of Kort” for failure to pay a traffic ticket when coonvicted of driving with a burnt-out headlight arising from a Granby policeman perjury back in 1994 and spent 28 days in jail. I was coonvicted of not wearing a seat belt and got a jury trial costing Joplin $1500 and had to pay a $10 fine back in 1999. I was kicked out of the Missouri LibberToon Party and prosecuted for trespass but didn’t have to pay anything because I sued them and the State of Missouri for an election matter. There was much fighting with the IRS and an Administrative Hearing Commission trial in which I appealed to the Missouri Western Court of Appeals regarding Missouri income taxes which went no-where. So yes, I’m a regular misdeameanor dillinger.

And yes, me and my Church have been sued by one Bryan Reo in Lake County Ohio and lost and am now appealing and in four more federal lawsuits and to be another one because Ira Hawkins and the Granby City Council sold him a bogus judgement resulting from my Missouri Sunshine Act Enforcement Actions. My Church got an ecclesatical court to render a $400 billion judgment with quantrillization and chernobylization against the State of Ohio. All of it on my web page.

One has to be patient like Iron Felix Dzerzhinsky. Iron Felix lost every single case against him as a Bolshevik and spent 20 years in Siberia and when came the Russian Revolution was made Lenin’s Secret Policeman and Iron Felix finished off the Tzar and his family and a quarter million White Russians and won their Civil War and won every single case.

But that’s neither here nor there. I’ve been in Revolutionary Politics for 30 years. I am a Servant of YHWH’s Servant Nation. A “pastor” must take care of YHWH’s sheep, and that means culling harshly the diseased members of the herd and driving out those who do not belong who are a threat to their well being . . . like the current Granby City Council and your mother.

You have to understand the mother squirrel’s point of view. She isn’t going to kill her offspring like bears eating their cubs when times are tough. Sometimes the mother squirrel even has to bite off the nuts of her bestest male pup when thangs get as rough as they are going to get very very soon. The mother squirrel who bites off her male pups’ nuts has to keep in mind what is best for the overall herd of squirrel.

But your mother bit off your nuts because she is an evil mean bitch.
Kid, if you still have any of your nuts left then you better flee as opposed to becummin’ a fifth-rate low-rent J.R. Fullerton.