Another Granby Piglice & Council-Criminal Plot to Remove the Head Pig Enfarcing Granby City-Council-Criminal Thievery

Box-Wine Wedgie Tard & Ms Piggy Christina Mount another failed coup to eliminate Granby Piglice Chief Jacob Kelley & get fired & r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t.

This is a blog post in progress . . .

One wouldn’t have thunk it, what with Granby corruption and decay being legendary from Monett to Joplin, but Granby City Hall “polyticks” — from the Greek word for many and ticks being blood-sucking parasites — is oft a battle of factions which change depending on the interests of the particular band of thieves. There is the endemic civil war between all of the Council-Criminals against an external threat like myself wanting to bring Granby back to its pre-1994 daze wherein we had no Granby Piglice Department enfarcing the [s]will of the Granby City Council-Criminals. But that is a persistant low-level threat of insurgency without much chance for success given the corruption within this decaysing system is everywhere and the Granby inbreds are beat-down and a-pathetic and know that “they will do whatever they want to anyways so I can do nothing to change it.” Face it, no one with any sense or something to lose is going to rebel against the half-century of Granby decline and decay because if they could move or wanted to do so then they have already left.

Rather I am talking about outsiders like Box-Wine Wedgie Tard, er Reggie Bard, who cums to Granby from Illinois by way of Carthage — another buttoned down town but relatively well run — to buy the cheap decaying properties then wants to turn Granby on the cheap to the very same shithole from whence she cum. So she enlists local Granby inbred tards who think they is better than run-of-the-swill other Granby inbred tards into a crusade to somehow turn Granby — the dumping ground of the area for the crack-heads & chomos, the elderly and down & out — into a Boomer Whigger Paradise of well-kept lawns and anglo-mestizo grandchildren cum over from Neosho or Monett to visit for the weekend. Box-Wine Wedgie Tard is a housekeeper — some skank who kept the house from divorcing her past meercats & thus keeping the house which she sells to move on to the next boat-pisspul locale further down the scale as she grows older, her money-pit gets slacker and she acquires yet more cats yielding urine to huff. This is what is happening all over the ZOGland, as these gliberal Boomer whigger refugees look for a new place just before the nursing home & oblivion.

So Box-Wine Wedgie Tard started her “Granby Volunteers” and posted it all over the local jews-media about how she was going to “clean up Granby” and the media cumplied by doing stories about how the local legendary shithole was becum-cummin’ a polished turd. I would ask the locals why they were doing this stupid shit and they said it was because Granby needed to look like a Boomer Whigger Paradise and because Wedgie Tard had so much “energy.” “So does a tornado,” I would reply, “But before you tear down the old stuff brought about by the old ways, maybe you had better figure out what to replace it with.” And they would think for a second and go about doing their same old stupid crap.

. . . The purpose of the Granby Police Farce is to enfarce the ]s]will of the Granby City Council-Criminals as their own quasi-legal paramilitary force . . . .

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