And then there were plenty

All sorts of People are running to preside over Granby’s further decline

And then there were plenty

First of all, the City of Granby does not observe Martin Luther King Day as a holiday. Which is fine by me. I suspected as much, that Granby City Hall would be open because the City Clerk — also known as “The She-Mayoress” and “Crooked Ira’s Brain” — while never ever posting the pub[l]ic notices public meeting agendas on the door ever since she was hired at the start of the T-Rampage Gamble [Mal]Administration in 2015 always posts Notice of Holidays in which she doesn’t work as opposed to the endless daze in which she doesn’t work on doing the book-keeping or the billing. So I called up Granby City Hall, our civic Babylon, and asked the [un]elected City Collector (whose elected status was done away with over four years ago) and after asking her what she thought of Granby not observing a federal holiday (devoted to one of her kind), got onto the purpose of my call. Who was running for Granby City elected positions?

On Friday there were only two people running for the City Council Seats. Jaimie Arnall running for the North Ward City Council position of the r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. Box Wine Wedgie Tard (a.k.a. Reggie Bard the “brains” behind the failed Wedgie-Tard / Ms. Piggy Thanksgiving Coup of 2020). And Pat Kelly who is running for my South Ward City Council seat. And Crooked Ira Hawkins for Mayor, seeking to have a second term in the Position Perilous. (“Perilous” because since in recent history no one has ever sought, and if getting got, to serve two whole terms because either the Granby voters get pissed off or the State tells them they got to go quietly or go to jail.) Steve White is running for Granby Cash-Register Municipal Kort for the 13th time since 1995.

I told Steve White on Jan. 5th Court wherein he was squeezing the white trash that he need not fear me running against him like I did from 1995 to 2003. (When I came in second and was denied my lawful position as municipal judge when Steve got sent to Iraq and neither the FBI nor Missouri Attorney General chose to uphold the Missouri Statutary law then either.) In all these decaying Missouri towns devoid of any economic reason to exist whatsoever they all have to have a corrupt Piglice Farce to enfarce municipal ordinances and pay for their piglice forces upon the backs of the poor as opposed to taxing their own property. The symbol of Amurrikwan jewstice should be not a blindfolded woman with a balance and sword but rather a whore running a cash register.

So here is a list of current candidates:

Mayor: Crooked Ira Hawkins

North Ward City Council:
Jaimie Arnall (1 year, Wedgie Tard’s seat)
Bobby Brooks & Billy Kittrel (Bill-the-Buttlicker Barrett’s seat who r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t to Carthage and was replaced again by “Senile Heifer” Joyce Mann)

South Ward City Council: Pat Kelly (For my lawful elected South Ward City Council Seat)
JoAnn Lamp (wanting re-election for a two-year seat. And later I shall “tell some” about JoAnn Lamp, the wife of my woman Roxie Fausnaught’s older brother Clinton Lamp and younger sister to George Martin legendary Granby cocksman and her efficient self-serving corruption as former Granby City Clerk)

Let’s understand something. The Granby South Ward has two and a half times as many voters (1,000) as the North Ward (400). These wards are divided by U.S. Route 60 into the two wards. The North Ward had the bulk of the smelting back in the days of the lead-zinc mines and has the bulk of the businesses today. The South Ward has the bulk of the population and the pastures. The South Ward has always been under- & mis-represented, especially the past thirty years, but even more so the past six years.

Now I’ve run every single election cycle — except when imprisoned in jail or a NutHouse — with no expectation of winning but as a means of exercising muh “sedition licence”. Several times I’ve won by default in Granby but not allowed to take the elective office. All of which goes to show that the myth of having a COONstipational Repub[l]ic is nothing but a lie and was a lie all along. Voting in the ZOGland would be illegal if it could possibly change thangs, rather it has all the sort of relevance as when Joseph Stalin rammed through the greatly liberal meaningless Soviet Constitution of 1936 during the height of the Soviet Terror, the Ukranian Holodomir and the Show Trials promising all manner of rights and priviledges for all. And who can forget, given this stolen [e]election of 2020 when the ZOG-Emperor Trump got 74 million and Senile Joe “won” through ballot harvesting in the inner cities and Dominion voting machines owned by the Chinese Communist Party. Amurrikwans are supposed to bee-leave that 155 million votes were cast for Prez-o-dint even when there are less than 160 million registered voters in the entire ZOGland? Well, as Joseph Stalin once remarked, even though voting was mandatory, and Joseph Stalin never dipped below 90% of the vote even when invaded by Nazi Germany, “It doesn’t matter as to who votes but what is important is who counts the votes.” A bunch of Africans living in Amurrikwan inner cities in Milwaukee, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia and especially [Tw]Atlanta counted throughout the night and gave the [s]election to Senile Joe & The Nasty Ho.

Now of course one of the benefits of the ZOG-Emperor Drumpf losing due to vote fraud is that Newton County Missouri which voted overwhelmingly for The Donald & Judas Pence by 80-something to nineteen-something percent over Senile Joe & the Ho has been disenfranchised by the entire Blue-State ZOGland by a slighly greater margin than I was last June by Ashley Edgemon, the Baal-Priest next door who worked for Alleger-Martin then r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to Floriduh as planned leaving it open for Crooked Ira Hawkins and the rest of the Granby Looting Council-Criminals to appoint some baal-priest meat-puppet to take my South Ward City Council seat. The vote for the departing Ashley was likewise split 80 to 20, with me getting only the 20 percent. And after manfully suppressing my racial and religious views in order to post on Granby Thots & Views and talk about the state of Granby’s decaying infrastructure. My sole campaign points against the incredibly corrupt baal-priest Ashley Edgemon — the piece of skillit-licking Xian-Zionist shit who used to work for Allieger-Martin and thus gave them a no-bid contract for $3.2 million for them to make $830,000 profit from this unnecessary storm-water sewer project — was disclaiming any such building and debt projects, in disowning the debt entirely and financing the fixing of the water pipes by fixing it ourselves as a City.

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