Aftermath Granby City Council Meating 12 July 2022

This is the aftermath of the Granby City Council-Critter Meating of July 12, 2022.

And like nearly all of these city council meetings these council-criminals are making up new laws which they and their friends who give them money don’t have to obey but the common People of Granby and friendless outside businesses have enfarced ruthlessly simply because the Granby City Council-Criminals have no respect for private property. That’s because they think that it is their property, you just get to pay taxes for the priviledge of owning it.

So some brothers living in Stark City Missouri appeared with their lawyer asking to put in 13 refurnished trailer houses in the Waterloo Court trailer park which they bought recently. They removed the one made in 1953 and want to fix up two of them recently inhabited by squatters. They know that Council-woman Joyce Mann was allowed to buy a used double-wide placed illegally in violation of their ordinances and learned that Mayor Ira Hawkins and his Granby Council-Critters made a “special deal” to let Barry Flint, the former mayor and maker of ordinances designed to disallow ordinary people to simply buy used trailers and live in them outside the trailer parks he intended to create. This was done May 23, 2021 last year.

Now of course Granby has no lawful right to make rules for the poor and weak and ignore or directly violate it when their friends, family, and fellow council-critters want to ignore these rules with the help of their city attorney and city police. But this is Granby.

Additionally Old Boomers don’t want “trailer trash” or working class whites with children to move into these trailers because . . . simply they hate poor white trailer trash and want to die hoping that Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk will buy a $500,000 Schubert-Mitchell McMansion not seen ever inside Granby.

So Doreen Clause, Baal Shittrell and Gomer-Goober Carrel voated to keep the 13 reconditioned trailers out, regardless of what the law said because of “Boomer Feels” in bringing in a better class of white trailer-trash losers. The Stark City Brothers lawyer got all mad and will file the lawsuit, regrettably in Newton County Circuit Court as opposed to federal court because he doesn’t want to simply strip away Granby’s municipal charter but rather sip Granby sewage & sulphur water. But he did hiss in leaving that he was going to file “ethical violations” against the Granby council-criminals and wondered aloud how anything gets done.

Well, usually it doesn’t or rather nothing much good.

Additionally Ms Junior Varsity Piggy got all huffy when I was talking about the “Animal Granby Police Department” of the past 25 years ever since Barry Flint set it up to keep poor white trailer trash from seeking theys’ natural habitat outside his overpriced nesting boxes.

Granby Piglice exist for the same reason that Saddam Hussein had piglice. To stifle dissent. So I was kicked out for the 666th time whenever my railery gets out of hand. Which it almost usually does.

As the screen caption says, “Most people love dogs . . . not nearly as many like pigs !!!”

Like I myself, the trailer-park brothers, and even the Granby City Attorney tried to tell them on the Granby City Council: You will be sued. It will be expensive. (And you might have your city home-rule charter pulled thus ending this crap.)

Anyways I mostly kept it PG-13 and this most certainly does cover Granby.

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
Elected but unseated South Ward City Councilman (2020-22)
Write-In Candidate for US Senate