A Tale of Two [Southwestern Missouri] Cities

Why is one community [Southwest City] in the same area with similar demographics and problems thriving and another community [Granby] not thriving at all?

Southwest City in McDonald County is getting a renewed water supply and sewer system with workable financing while Granby is getting an unnecessary stormwater collection sewer and decayed water system and massive debt. So much debt that it is unlikely that the citizens using Granby utilities will be likely to be able to pay a $100 water, sewer, and trash bill, much less a $150-200 Granby utility bill. As it is it is cheaper to simply burn wood or pellets or propane than Granby gas.

I’m suggesting that this course of events has been caused by the legendarily corrupt past two mayors and their (now r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. but not before they stuck Granby with the debts) meat-puppet City Councils and their corrupt City Clerk and Public Works Director. The below link is to illustrate the differences between Granby and another community close by and the differences — no a Tale of Two Cities — one that only works for the connected corrupt and another that acted for the good of everyone in their community.

Behold the Proof: