A Tale of Two Cities (Reprise)

I reposted this Joplin Globe article concerning how Southwest City is getting a new water and sewer system even though it is less than half the size of Granby and with an impoverished demographic while Granby is stuck with a useless stormwater & sewer-leak additional surplus sewer work while the Granby water supply has probably hit near collapse and there is not the funding nor the debt possible to fix this essential staple of life; clean pure fresh water.

Why is Southwest City able to have nice things and Granby isn’t?

Because the past two mayors and entire City Council has been stealing from you and so has the City Clerk and Public Works Director.

Every. Single. Time. two-thirds of Granby voters voted in a TIF or police tax or parks tax or Cemetery tax the money has been stolen through no-bid contracts arranged by the mayor and public works director. Granby can’t even have a volunteer puppy-pound without the mayor inserting Granby tax money so that him and the public works director and everyone else can gain kickbacks from the eventual bidder.

The reason that the city council and TIF bored meatings have been cancelled is because there are no bidders left wanting to gain some crumbs and be blasted for acceeding to corruption.

What to do about this? First know that we have a problem. Then stop supporting those who create the problem.

Then have the people who want to really “Help Granby Grow” as opposed to “Suck Granby Dry” quietly decide amongst themselves who they will run for the city council seats so that there is no cross-purpose of efforts to remove the corruption. Then to fire the City Clerk and Public Works Director and possibly Police Chief and to not vote in any new taxes lying arouind for the cockroaches to steal.

Then fix Granby with what we have or to sell the City utilities to outside for-profit companies and remove city politics from Granby governance. To disband the Granby Police Department and allow it to go back to Newton County for law enforcement with a Granby sub-station for Eastern Newton County.

Granby can be the “Queen City of Newton County” again. But not until we purge the corruption and fix up our own town either through our own efforts or simply by removing most of the functions of this legendarily corrupt City Hall.

Yea verily, a Tale of Two Cities. One (Southwest City) punching far above its weight and the other (Granby) scoring own goals and tearing itself apart while it steadily decays.