A Springfield Enabler Urges Granby People to “Move Forward” Towards Their Own-Goal New Dark Age

But we have local enablers as well . . .

“The idea was and still is to help Granby grow. All of the negative backbiting help nothing. Like the animal shelter, I volunteered help build it. As well as others. How could start helping one another for a greater good.”

Looking at your profile it says you live in Springfield Missouri where the average cost of water and sewer is $25 for a two-person household. Here in Granby the same price is $70 rising to $100 average. The end result is that Granby is the “welfare town” and dumping ground for Newton County and the rest of Southwestern Missouri as the welfare pays for their Section 8 housing and thus the city utilities. From the time of T-Rampage Gamble six years ago there has been a steady increase in the cost of city utilities — natural gas, water and sewer — while none of them have been repaired or invested in to any meaningful degree. The end result is that Granby’s sole advantage of cheap living has dissipated making it better for the working middle class to move to Neosho, Carthage, Joplin and Monett where there are jobs.

The only advantage remaining in Granby is that property values are low because Granby’s decaying old sub-standard housing is so cheap. No one intelligent or sane is going to build a Schubert-Mitchell $250,000 McMansion in Granby. Just outside Granby where things are unincorporated, sure. But not in Granby. Thus Granby has become trapped in a vicious cycle in which the elderly and the poor and child molesters and crackheads live — often without any city utilities — because they have no place else to go.

All because the corrupt Granby City Council especially under the corrupt mismanagemen of T-Rampage Gamble and Ira Hawkins has brought in an especially corrupt Granby Police State which arrests dissenters, and negates elections with the assistance of the state authorities.

What you call “back-biting” is merely bringing these matters out into the open.

This Granby dog-pound thievery is merely the latest in an effort to simply loot the very little last bit from Granby people wanting something nice, like a cemetery for their dead and a pound for their stray dogs. The understanding was that this woman who really cared about stray dogs would raise private funds to create a new dog pound and that the Granby police would round up the strays and take them to her private facility as opposed to the old decayed Granby pound. No tax funds would be spent in setting up a facility or upkeeping the dogs.

Instead Ira Hawkins and Jim Channel put Granby tax funds into play so that they could steal the private funds raised and select a contractor who would like Allieger-Martin provide a kickback and raise the price of what was supposed to be a private-funded non-profit to take care of Granby stray dogs. This Granby dog-pound thievery is merely the latest in an effort to simply loot the very little last bit from Granby people wanting something nice, like a cemetery for their dead and a pound for their stray dogs.

Pretty much what the entire City Council wants to do is to benefit their families and friends, institute a Granby Police State to enforce onerous restrictions and ordinances — which they do not obey themselves — and to loot the remaining funds out of the tax trust funds, and to place millions in unpayable debts, get the kickbacks from the contractors, and then r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to Florida or Carthage or McDonald County like has happened the past year and leave Granby tax & utility payers with the mess.

Since you don’t live here I fail to see why you want to give moral absolution to corrupt City government, unless you somehow benefit from the thievery. In the past six years I’ve been told since Day One of the T-Rampage Gamble [mal]Adminstration — after the drunken whining about how what in retrospect seems to be a “Golden [M]A[n]GE” under Richard Eustler by T.-Rampageifer — that it is time to “move forward” to higher utility rates, unpayable debt, and false arrests and the shredding of the past 30 years of Granby City Hall history. Those who forget the past are most likely to repeat the past — but at a lower standard of living. I would not recommend that anyone put new funding or housing within Granby.

That said, unlike the worst of the Granby City thieves and their enablers I won’t ask that you be censored, just ignored or upon showing your true colors, understood.