A Last Word on the Subject

It looks like my commentary has been deleted. Not to worry as I have it saved on my Granby-Mo.xyz/blog. I do not post after 10:00pm. I can well imagine the complaints to Jeremy about my observations. So since I don’t want to get banned again by popular demand I’ll desist for now in stating the obvious, viz:

A lot of people living in Granby will be cut off from city utilities altogether as they won’t have the income to make payments they used to have to struggle to meet.

In seeking to live there might well be a number of options taken by desperate people to survive resulting in bad consequences arising from having no water, sewer, gas or sanitation.

There was $177,000 of their money which will not be used for their relief because it was deliberately spent on something else.

Mayor Ira Hawkins and the Granby City Council are responsible for their spending decisions and how they went about it.

Reggie Bard will be no source of reform if or when she gets elected.

We will see what happens, but I’m pretty sure that it won’t be a surprise.