10August 2021 City Council Meeting Item #5 upgraded video without subtitles

https://youtu.be/nnlel9cnWE4 Upgraded Youtube Video without subtitle commentary

Granby North Ward City Councilwoman Jamie Arnall asked for a raw video copy of the 10 August Granby City Council Meeting particularly where Pat Kelly gets mad at my jape about wasting another $3500 for a “safety inspection” on an old retaining wall built around the long-since demolished Granby High School and gymnasium which property was sold to the Granby House nursing home. Pat Kelly threatens assault just like Kelly does with others — but this time as a City Councilman.

A lot of Granby People want me to press charges against Pat Kelly in order to rid themselves of an especially idiotic and corrupt buffoon who does the will of Jim Channel and Crooked Ira Hawkins. I think it would improve Granby a lot if the primary cause of Granby decline were removed, i.e. the corrupt and idiotic thieving Granby City Council and they were replaced by people who at least will do no harm and who might do some good like firing Granby City Clerk Lawna Price and the Directard of City Works Jim Channel and selling the city utilities off to someone with profit not power as motivational forces. The biggest obstacle to Granby becoming a good place is its evil and thieving Granby City Council (excepting Jamie Arnall who wants to help Granby reform and prosper.)

Jeromy Hopper of Granby Thoughts and Views asked for the raw footage as did his sister whose filmer went down with the Covid-Delta ZOGvirus. I explained to Jeromy that I had given the video chip to be copied into Jamie’s computer at her quilt shop. And that I was unable to see the Facebook page because someone banned “Skeeter” from GT&V. Jeromy explained that the banning wasn’t him but likely someone else.

So for those squeamish about seeing ridicule upon the truly deserving of it I uploaded a subtitle free video shoing the raw footage. However, those who don’t live in Granby prefer the subtitled video because it explains matters that they don’t know about not living in Granby or in SW Missouri who don’t know what a shithole Granby is.

But from now on “Skeeter” will only lurk at Granby Thots & Views. “Skeeter” had notions of running for JoAnn Lamp’s City Council seat and having myself as his mentor but his wife didn’t want him to get into Granby polyticks and I myself cautioned that “Granby might be too fucked-up to fix” and so “Skeeter” backed off from running. But I did ask Skeeter to join Granby Thots and Views so I could see what “them inbreds” were up to after getting kicked offn GT&V after “The Failed Thanksgiving Coup of Wedgie Tard/Ms. Piggy of 2020”.

This same foolishness about the Shitty of Granby going after the Nursing Home over this old retaining wall was covered back in 2008-2009. Granby House told the Shitty of Granby Council-Critters that the wall belonged to the Shitty of Granby and for the Council-Criminals to go eat shit, yum, yum and so they did until the current especially retarded and thieving bunch wants to try again.

What is even more important is Item #6 in which probably having looted the Granby Cemetery Trust Fund of $250,000 Jim Channel got lazyitis and no longer wants to make an additional $24,000 per year digging 60 graves on City time and equipment in a cemetery owned and from which they imposed an 8-cent property levy for 2022 earlier in the council-meeting. In short Jim Channel wants to get another one of the Granby City workers to dig the graves and give Jim Channel a cut as opposed to bidding it out to others. I’ll put that item up with and without subtitles on this youtube channel later.

For now it is sufficient for those living in and outside Granby to know about Granby city corruption by seeing it on video.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN

Duly Elected South Ward City Councilman

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